European Vacation 2001

This is the page for the Trafaulgar Euopean Vacation - IT IS COMPLETE !!!!! (about 4000 pictures!)

INSTRUCTIONS (Once all the pages are working)
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The Group - assorted pictures of people from our tour
The Flight to London (BOARING!) Changing of the Guards & The Hotel London Eye - Big Ben - Tour Bus Wax Museum - Photos of "The Tube" The Tower of London Tower Bridge Double Decker Tour Bus - St Pauls Cathedral London Dungeon Bus Tour Boat Ride
Leaving London - road trip Crossing from White Cliffs of Dover to France The Journey after the Ferry Crossing Amsterdam ! Canal Cruise in Amsterdam Stoeltie Diamonds Misc stuff in Amsterdam The Cheese Factory The Big Windmill The Damn (and the UGLY Cat!) LOTS of pics - heading to (and in) Brussels
Drive to Paris Arrive Paris - First look around Seeing Paris - few groups shots The Arch and the BUSY Circle! Gardens and Palace Touring Paris again Boatride on the Sein (spelling?) It RAINED a bit FUN FUN FUN Dinner - Including the Chicken Dance! Night Views of Paris (then day again) The Perfume factory Up the Eiffel Tower - Look around - WALK down the STEPS! More Touring Still Touring