Pictures of Kel Hess in Mexico and California

These are Pictures of a Business trip to Mexico and Some FUN in California too!

Look REAL close and you will see me"
Riding a "Zebra"(?) in Tijuana

This was a sign on "just this side"
of the American/Mexico Boarder

This was the waiting line
to get back to the States

This was a Beach
in San Diago, California

This is how you get to
the Beach

They had ParaSailing lessons
(Teacher & Student strapped together)

Catching a Wind
No, Its NOT me !

Then Hop off
the Edge of a cliff

Flying High
(Definately NOT me !)

Another Beach

This was the route
to the Nude Beach

Believe it or not, climb down
ALL the way to the bottom
(And this was the ONLY way down)
(Yes, I made the Climb)

Me at the TOP of the climb
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