Pictures of Mom, Dad and their Friends - by Kel Hess

These are Pictures of

My Mom, Dad and their friends !
Dad Passed away January 25, 1995

Mom Passed away October 7, 2001

Mom had a heart attack Wednesday Oct 3rd, 2001. While waiting for the next procedures, the doctors kept scaring her with stories of the course of action she must take. I truly think she died of fright, because after being terribly upset and agitated Saturday Evening, she had another heart attack Sunday morning, that they could not pull her through. Moms brother died exactly the same way about 12 years earlier. He had a heart attack, went in, and while waiting for surgery, the doctors had him frightened, and he too died of a heart attack before the hospital could move onto the next step (open heart).

Mom at the Grand Canyon

Mom at Christmas

Mom in the water at Atlantic City

Mom and Dad at home

Visiting Disney World

Still at Disney World

Mom and Dad visiting friends in Florida

Dad hiding in the bushes
(Probably watching girls on the beach!)

Dad just sitting around at home

Me and Mom a LONG time ago
at Niagara Falls

Mom on a WILD slead ride

Mom and her friends Bonnie & Donna
(Donna, then, Bonnie, then Mom

Dad and I looking for Crabs
in the water at Atlantic City

Looks like we found something !

Dad and his friend Bill

Dad Passed away January 25, 1995

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