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Mom passed away, October 7th, 2001...

She had a heart attack Wednesday Oct 3rd, 2001. Then while waiting for the next procedures, the doctors kept scairing her with stories of the course of action she must take. I truly think she died of fright, because after being terribly upset and agitated Saturday Evening, she had another heart attack Sunday morning, that they could not pull her through. Moms brother died exactly the same way about 12 years before. He had a heart attack, went in, and while waiting for surgery, the doctors had him frightened, and he too died of a heart attack before the hospital could move onto the next step (open heart).

Visit my webpage of Mom & Dad.
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Theresa passed away, February 24, 2003.

My friend, Theresa, who was like a sister to me, lost a courageous fight with Cancer February 24, 2003. She was only 39 years old. She knew me better than anyone else in the world. She could look at my face and knew what I was thinking. She knew how to make all my hurts go away.
Now, all of her hurts are gone. She is with her mother, her sister, and my mother and father. I wish there was a way that I could put into words how special she was to me. She knew things about me that no-one else ever knew, and now, no-one else will ever know. Her pain has stopped, but mine (and all of her friends) will never go away because we will miss her so much.
Theresa and I went to Put-in-bay in Ohio a few years ago, click ---HERE--- to look at photos from that day. We had Sooo much fun!

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September 2010, New Orleans !

May 2010, Orlando Florida, DISNEY (page 1)
Universal Studios (page 2)
Islands of Adventure (page 3)

October 2009, Washington DC with the Red Cross group

The Canopy Tour (Zip Line) in Puerto Vallerta Mexico

Other photos from Puerto Vallerta Vacation to Mexico !

Stacy's Surprise Birthday Party

Christmas with the Grinnell Family 2007

Christmas Eve with Becky's Family

Deb Lancaster's Going Away Party

2007 Vacation to Hershey and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

2006 Red Cross Halloween Party

Red Cross vehicle I was riding in CAUGHT FIRE!

Red Cross RIDE FOR THE RED Benefit 2006 or 2008

I posed NUDE for Spencer Tunick with nearly 3000 other people in Cleveland - Click here to see photos !

August 13, 2004 - Party at MOCA (Museum of Contempary Art) in Cleveland - Unvailing of Spencer Tunicks New Artwork.

Photos of my house

Carnival Cruise Vacation with Becky - June 2006

Butterfly Farm at Stan Hywet in Akron Ohio - June 2006

Volunteering at Public Broadcasting Station PBS45/49 with my Red Cross Group - March 2006

The Red Cross in Aruba - Feb 2006

Aruba - Feb 2006

Volunteering at Public Broadcasting Station PBS45/49 with a group from First Night Canfield - Dec 2005

Vacation to Niagara Falls with Becky - October 2005

Dancin' in the Streets Fund Raiser - Cleveland, Ohio - August 2005

Party at Steves House in Maryland - July 2005

Summit County MOCK Disaster Drill - June 2005

My Going Away Party from FACTS Inc - October 8, 2004

Halloween Party - October 2004

Vacation to Holden Beach - August 2004

MIT Retreat - July 16-18, 2004 .

2003 Halloween Party (November 1st, 2003)

2003 Vacation to New York City (06-02-2003 thru 06-06-2003)

Daniel's Birthday Party ! (06-01-2003)

Roto Tilling the Back yard to plant new grass seed (05-11-2003)

Marks Birthday Hunting ! (05-13-2003)

Joey's Birthday Party ! (05-10-2003)

Patti's Birthday Party ! (05-10-2003)

Brian and Shain's Birthday Party !

Birthday parties and Easter Dinner at Becky's Daughters House

Photos from HALLOWEEN 2002

Mary and I took a TRAIN Ride October 16, 2002

BONNIE and I took the same TRAIN Ride October 19, 2002

Photos from Cancun Vacation May 2002

Photos from New York Vacation April 2002

Canoe Trip with Mark September 2, 2002

Photos of 2001 Vacation in Europe

TEARING down the barn AUGUST 2000

Planeride over my HOUSE

The rest of the Planeride


Mexico & California

My Ferret "Kitty"

The Incident at the Wedding

Me & My House

Mom & Dad & Friends

Mom at a variety show in Tallmadge Ohio

Trip to Put-In-Bay, Ohio

Halloween Pictures

These are actual BEFORE and AFTER photos of the World Trade Center.
I found the top photo somewhere on the Internet, the Bottom photo is one that I took while on Vacation in April 2002 !

See Ohio's Power Grid LIVE
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This is a Local TV show that I appeared on for the American Red Cross

These are OLD videos of Machines that I designed (electrically), programmed (on a computer), and installed in the 1990's.

This was a demo video with music that we showed a customer before a machine was delivered

This is the same machine, we were just walking around making a video as it was running.

This is a close up of the Tube Bender only

This was a different tube bender.

Another angle of the second tube bender.

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